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Seevetal, Germany – Today, Airbus and Vaupell (Group Company of Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.) celebrate their SA Airspace Cove Light Panels 100th Shipset Delivery milestone.

In an ongoing effort to deliver lightweight, highly-engineered custom plastic solutions to the aerospace industry, Airbus and Vaupell celebrate their SA Airspace Cove Light Panels 100th Shipset Delivery milestone. It was a festive celebration commencing this four year partnership and exceptional teamwork achieving this single milestone.

From year-to-year, thermoplastic materials have been gaining momentum for use in commercial aircraft and aerospace applications. In many cases, thermoplastic components are lighter, more durable and can be more efficient to process. From a sustainability standpoint, the lighter weight thermoplastic manufactured solutions reduce fuel consumption from the aircraft creating fewer emissions, all with the potential to be recycled. This created less material waste improving the overall buy-to-fly ratio.

Mark Goss, CEO Aerospace and COO, Medical of Vaupell, commented, “Vaupell has a Corporate Social Responsibility. We strive for more sustainability in aerospace without ever compromising on safety, comfort, and aesthetics. Sustainability is all part of the Vaupell culture.”

The newly manufactured SA Airspace Cove Light Panels are not only very competitive in regards to weight, they also allow a significant cost advantage and a substantially improved result on the environmental lifecycle assessment.

Arnaud Van de Velde, Head of Business Development & Programs of Vaupell Europe. “With advanced material selections and new processing techniques available, the aerospace OEMs have a wealth of opportunities to create newly designed and manufactured innovations that improve overall performance and adhere to the highest safety standard”

Stephan Hennig, Supply chain & Quality Operations Manager of Airbus. Vaupell has demonstrated over the last years to be a very strong partner not only in delivery performance but also in delivering innovative product solution ideas and highest level of stable quality. We truly appreciate their proactive communication and teamwork culture. 

About Vaupell – Aerospace:
Vaupell is an integrated aerospace supplier with a global footprint, combining material science and molding technology with engineering solutions from resin to aircraft interior subassemblies for commercial aerospace applications. We strive for value innovation and more sustainability in aerospace. Vaupell is a global one-stop partner for highly engineered Window Assemblies, Decompression Grills, Cove Light Panels, Passenger Service Units, Literature Pockets, Stow Bin Sub-Assemblies & Seating Parts, to name just a few. Vaupell’s capabilities include Material Science & Engineering, Design & Development, Additive Manufacturing, In-house Tooling, Injection Molding, Composites, Machining, Automation, and Finished Product Assembly. EN/AS 9100 Compliant. Real People. True Ingenuity.