Vaupell is an Industry leader producing components using highly engineered plastics such as Peek, PEKK, and Ultem. Vaupell has a focus on secondary machining and Near-Net molding to help improve part accuracy, weight reduction, and consolidate assemblies.

Our Specialty Molding Capabilities include:

  • Gas-assist Injection Molding
  • MuCell® – Microcellular injection molding that allows thinner/lighter parts with less molded-in stress, allowing design freedom where one to one rib to wall section is possible without sink
  • Scientific Injection Molding
  • RocTool – Utilizing induction heating in tool to add 20% flow length and a superior cosmetic finish.
  • Engineered Resins
    • PEEK – Neat, Carbon or glass filled
    • ULTEM®, RADEL®, GRILAMID®, FST grades
  • Implantable Resins
    • PEEK – OPTIMA®
    • PMMA
  • Bioabsorbable Molding
    • PLA, PLLA & other custom blends
    • Proprietary barrel & screw designs