Vaupell has worked with implant grade and bioabsorbable materials for over 20 years and continue our commitment to this crucial portion of the medical device industry. We control critical properties of these materials through the implementation of Scientific Injection Molding (SIM) processes in Class 7 cleanrooms. Customers work with us to develop short-term and long-term implants. Our team of design, quality, and manufacturing engineers are available to assist in the manufacturability design of these sensitive components.

Implant and bioabsorbable grade materials:

  • PEEK – Optima®
  • PEEK – Classix®
  • Endolign®
  • Bionate® 80A, 90A
  • PMMA
  • Purasorb®
  • PLA
  • PLLA
  • PLDL
  • Resomer®
  • PLGA – PEG
  • Custom Blending