Autoclave Molding

Vaupell fabricates a variety of components by combining technologically advanced fibers and polymers to produce a wide array of materials designed to meet your needs (From non-structural to flight safety requirements).


  • Fiberglass
  • Kevlar (Aramid)
  • Graphite
  • Carbon
  • Quartz

We are capable of supporting parts to 7 ft. in diameter and 21 ft. in length with processing temperatures up to 400° F. Our lay-up is accomplished in one of three environmentally controlled clean rooms to ensure a high-quality product. We can generate precision ply cut patterns from 3D CAD models and perform complex lay-ups utilizing our two automated ply cutters and laser projection systems. In addition to laminated product fabrication, Vaupell is approved for special structural bonding processes by many top aerospace prime contractors.


  • 2 Autoclaves
    • 7 ft. diameter x 21 ft. length, rated to 50 psi max.
    • 5 ft. diameter x 9 ft. length, rated to 100 psi max.
  • Automated Ply Cutters:
    • Eastman – 5 ft. x 16 ft. table
    • Gerber – 5 ft. x 12 ft. table
  • Laser Projection System – FARO
  • Clean Room – Bonding, cutting/kitting & Lay-up areas
  • Aerospace process certifications
  • Resin systems: Epoxy’s, Polyesters, Phenolics, & Polyimides
  • Composite Laminate & Sandwich Panel Construction