Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding

Vaupell was founded on plastic injection molding, which is still one of our many core competencies. Our 5 global facilities maintain more than 100 injection molding presses from 17 to 1,000 tons of clamping force. This includes both vertical and horizontal presses with general molding floor capabilities and ISO Class 7 (10K) and ISO Class 8 (100K) clean room environments.  We provide our customers with engineering expertise to assist with plastic part design including material selection, design for manufacturability, and tool selection to meet their speed to market needs and long-term production requirements.

We design and build injection molds from single cavity MUD tools, multi-cavity Class 101 molds, to molds for micro-molding.  No matter the size of the program or industry you represent, Vaupell has a tooling solution for you.

Domestic injection molds

Our center of excellence for injection molds is within our Constantine facility that has tool designers and toolmakers with an average of 11 years of experience. This team of professionals provides solutions to customers across our entire organization and works closely with our offshore facility in Dongguan, China that also has tooling design and fabrication capabilities.

Vaupell also has the capability to build tools for select medical device customers within the requirements defined in ISO13485. We have had clients that feel that this extra level of documentation and certification is an important part of their overall validation strategy.

Vaupell China

Vaupell has been building tools in China for over 25 years. Our Dongguan, Vaupell China Molding and Tooling facility was originally developed to support the building of injection molds, but has been expanded to include the capability of injection molding, painting and high level assembly.

Our VCM&T operations build approximately 250 tools per year to support our customer requirements for existing growth and new production introduction. This capability ranges from prototype tools all the way to SPE Class 101 tools with interchangeable cavities.



  • Moldflow® Advisor and Insight 2019
  • Cimatron 14
  • 2K Injection Molding
  • Scientific Injection Molding (SIM)
  • Micro molding
  • Insert Molding
  • Over-molding
  • Close tolerance
  • Near Net molding with post-mold machining
  • In-mold decorating (IMD)
  • MuCell
  • Gas-assist
  • Structural foam
Specialty Processes

Vaupell is an Industry leader producing components using highly engineered plastics such as Peek, PEKK, and Ultem. These specialty processes offer our customers the ability to create finished plastic products that fulfill specialized requirements, ranging from specific mechanical properties, durability, aesthetics, functionalities, intended application, design complexity, and production volume.

Scientific Injection Molding

Vaupell has Engineers and technicians trained in the principals of Scientific Injection Molding (SIM) in all our facilities and has been following this methodology for over 25 years. By applying a SIM approach, we can reduce variability in the molding process, minimize defects, and achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in production.

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