Surface Finishing

Surface finishing matters in manufacturing

In the industries we serve, surface finishing is not just about aesthetics — it directly impacts safety, performance, and the overall functionality of a product or finished assembly. Therefore, selecting the appropriate surface finishing methods and ensuring proper implementation are critical steps we take in the manufacturing of your finished product or assembly. We offer:


  1. Fill and fair:
    The fill and fair process requires our very skilled craftsmen to achieve the desired results. It is used to improve performance, and enhance its overall appearance.

  2. Sand and shell blast both wet and dry:
    We offer sandblasting and shell blasting, performed in dry or wet conditions. These different methods for surface preparation and cleaning depends on factors such as the type of material being treated, the desired surface finish, environmental considerations, and safety requirements.

  3. Custom masking (CNC router):
    Custom masking is commonly used when precision and control over material processing are crucial. It allows for greater freedom and produces high-quality, intricate products. This process is ideal when your product requires intricate designs, or cuts in specific parts of the material while leaving other areas untouched.

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