Materials Testing


Vaupell has a full service composite testing laboratory utilizing principles from material science, engineering, chemistry, and physics that provide valuable information in selecting appropriate materials for very specific applications. This provides guidance in the product design process, and ensures that manufactured products meet safety and performance standards.

Our laboratory is capable of test panel fabrication, test specimen preparation, physical and mechanical testing (in accordance with prime, military and industry specifications), and data reporting.  Much of our testing utilizes our Instron universal testing equipment.  We are able to test such materials such as: thermosetting prepregs/molding compounds, film and paste adhesives, sealants, resins, and syntactic foams. Our test panel fabrication, including jigs and fixtures, and using a variety of curing methods: autoclave, vacuum, compression molding and flat sheet laminating gives us the ability to provide fast turnaround time, in support of internal processing/production requirements.


Physical Testing

  • Resin Flow 
  • Resin Content 
  • Gel Time 
  • Volatile Content 
  • Fiber Volume Content 
  • Filament Content
  • Areal Weight
  • Density & Specific Gravity 
  • Viscosity
  • Tack
  • Drape
  • Expansion
  • Moisture Content

Mechanical Testing

  • Flexural Strength & Modulus 
  • Short Beam Shear Strength 
  • Flexural Shear Strength 
  • Compressive Strength and Modulus
  • Shear Strength by Punch Tool 
  • Tensile Strength & Modulus 
  • Climbing Drum Peel 
  • Flatwise Tensile Strength 
  • T-Peel 
  • Lap Shear 
  • Peel Strength of Adhesive Bonds