Kitting & Sustainable Packaging

Kitting & sustainable packaging solutions

As a full product lifecycle partner, Vaupell offers kitting & sustainable packaging services. Whether your project requires the process of assembling a set or collection of individual items, components, or parts into a single kit or package, we have the resources to customize a plan to deliver on your custom needs. Utilizing a full service partner will simplify and streamline the supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution processes, resulting in speed-to-market.


Sustainable packaging

Vaupell utilizes environmentally friendly materials and design practices to create kitting & sustainable packaging solutions that minimize the impact on the environment. We look to reduce waste, conserve resources, and lower carbon emissions throughout the entire product lifecycle.

When it comes to kitting and sustainable packaging, there are several considerations and practices that can be taken into account:

  • We select eco-friendly materials for the individual items being kitted and the packaging itself.
  • Strive for simplicity in packaging design or process.
  • Consider using packaging that can be reused by the customer.
  • Utilize materials that are easily recyclable.
  • Optimize the size and dimensions of the packaging and process to minimize space, storage and transportation.
  • Efficient kitting practices can reduce the number of shipments and transportation needed.
  • When possible provide important product information digitally.
  • Educate consumers about how to properly dispose of or recycle the packaging.
  • Conduct a lifecycle assessment to analyze the environmental impact of the kitting and packaging processes.

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