Material Science & Engineering

​Material science and engineering plays a significant role at Vaupell

This in-house capability is crucial in providing technological advancements for new product innovation for customers of Vaupell.

We focus on new materials with improved properties and performances that lead to the creation of more efficient, safer, sustainable, and durable products that address the challenges and end-user needs of a modern society.


    Our approach to material science & engineering:

    Understanding materials: The team aims to understand the internal structure, composition, and properties of different materials, ranging from metals, plastics, and advanced composites.

    Material synthesis and processing: Material scientists and engineers at Vaupell develop techniques to create and process materials with specific properties and functionalities that address individual product needs.

    Materials characterization: Advanced tools and techniques such as microscopy, spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, and other analytical methods are used to analyze materials and gain insights into their structure and properties.

    Material applications: The knowledge that we gain from material science research is then applied to design and develop new materials for aerospace, defense, and medical applications.

    Materials sustainability and environmental impact: Vaupell places a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices, by developing and using materials that have a reduced environmental impact and promote recycling and reuse.

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