Direct Metal Laser Sintering

DMLS Produces highly complicated geometric parts that you cannot produce using conventional manufacturing processes. Including, but not limited to: internal channels and thin walls. An ideal process for part weight production and a consolidation of parts.

Key Features

  • Can create complex geometries not possible with other metal manufacturing processes (ex. Internal passages)
  • Typical tolerances are ±.001”
  • Can consolidate design and integrate multiple components (mountings, fasteners etc.) Reducing weight and waste.
  • Typical lead time 1 – 5 business days (dependent on part size)


  • Prototype Metal Cast Parts
  • Prototype MIM Parts (ex. Gun Components)
  • Fit, Form, and Functions Models
  • Tooling, Fixtures, and Jigs
  • Conformal Cooling Channels


EOS 17-4PH: Stainless Steel

EOS Aluminium AlSi10Mg

EOS Titanium Ti64