At Vaupell, we’re proud to lead the charge toward sustainable skies by developing eco-friendly aircraft interiors. We’re helping to change the aviation industry’s approach to materials and design through our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship.

Vaupell’s role in creating environmentally friendly aircraft interiors begins with meticulous material selection. Our use of high-performance recyclable thermoplastics for products historically produced using non-recyclable phenolic honeycomb composite panels embodies this ethos. In parallel with redefining the manufacturing methodology of existing products where possible, Vaupell is working with Sumitomo Bakelite (owner of Vaupell) to implement sustainable material solutions into composite panel interior products themselves. The combination of revising the design manufacturing methodology along with implementing eco-friendly material solutions in the manufacturing process enables Vaupell to provide the next generation of sustainable solutions for its customers.

Unitization + Weight Reduction = Sustainability
Vaupell’s design philosophy revolves around maximizing efficiency and sustainability, using unitization strategies that streamline the manufacturing process and minimize waste. An example of this unitization design methodology is the company’s use of 2K injection molding technology, eliminating adhesives and fasteners wherever possible. By consolidating components into unified units, Vaupell enhances operational efficiency, reliability, and environmental sustainability, all while promoting leaner, more agile aerospace systems.

Weight reduction is another cornerstone of our sustainable approach. Through innovative techniques such as metal-to-plastic replacement and thin-walled molding, Vaupell achieves substantial weight savings without compromising structural integrity. By eliminating unnecessary materials like adhesives and coatings, further weight reduction and improved fuel efficiency are achieved, ultimately leading to enhanced aircraft performance and competitiveness.

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword at Vaupell—it’s ingrained in everything the organization does. The adoption of recycled and bio-based materials ensures that every product the company develops is as environmentally responsible as it is innovative. By embracing sustainable practices from start to finish, Vaupell is not just creating aircraft interiors—it is shaping a more circular and resilient aviation industry for generations to come.

Key Benefits
In partnering with Vaupell, leading aerospace OEMs and tiered suppliers reap a multitude of benefits. From reduced fuel consumption and lower operating costs to carbon emission reduction and improved operational efficiency, our sustainable solutions deliver tangible results that drive both environmental and economic value. Together, let’s soar to new heights of sustainability and success in the skies of tomorrow.

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